To know nothing of what happened before you, is to forever remain a child… The people of Kalkara can boast of our rich Heritage.

Bighi Cot-Lift

The Bighi Cot Lift was built in a Victorian architectural style in 1903 and was used to transfer injured sailors from naval ships to the... Continue reading

Fort Ricasoli

Built on the first peninsula of the Grand Harbour, the site was known as Gallows Point since it served for the hanging of rioteer slaves.... Continue reading

Fort Rinella

Fort Rinella in Kalkara and Fort Cambridge in Sliema were built by the British in 1886 to guard the naval base and dockyard in Malta.... Continue reading

Fort Saint Rocco

Construction of Fort Saint Rocco started in 1872 or 1873 by the British Empire as part of a fortification improvement programme recommended in a report... Continue reading

Red House

The Red House is an old private villa built in the year 1803 in the hamlet of Saint Rocco, on the eastern part of Kalkara.... Continue reading

The Jewish Cemetery

This cemetery is the oldest Jewish burial ground in Malta. It is located at the beginning of Rinella Street, surrounded by houses and measuring approximately... Continue reading

Villa Bighi

Villa Bighi was designed by Maltese architect Lorenzo Gafà. It was built in 1675 by Fra Giovanni Bichi, the grandson of Pope Alexander VII. A... Continue reading

Villa Portelli

Early during the 19th century, Sir Agostino Portelli, founder of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, decided to build his villa in Kalkara. His decision stemmed... Continue reading