The Cross of the Great Siege

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When the Ottomans invaded the Maltese islands in 1565, they found refuge on the hill of Our Saviour in Kalkara from where they attacked the Knights and Maltese in Vittoriosa. This battle is known as the Great Siege of Malta. Grand Master Jean Parisot de La Valette ordered the demolition of the old Church of Our Saviour in the area so as not to serve as an enemy shield.

A popular legend recounts that at the end of the Great Siege, while the Ottomans were fleeing back, the Knights and the Maltese advanced to the hill of Our Saviour in Kalkara. The Grand Master or Commander grabbed his sword and sticked it in the ground, thus taking the shape of a cross. All those present knelt thanking God that this land was again in the hands of Christians. Later, a cross was erected to commemorate this event, which unfortunately was destroyed several years ago.

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