The Parish Church

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In 1944 Archbishop Mons. Michael Gonzi bought a plot of land, known as tal-Għeżieli from the Malta Gas Company, to build the new Parish Church dedicated to Saint Joseph. The design, bearing a neo-classical style and in the shape of a Latin cross, was made by Chev. Vincenzo Bonello aided by engineer Ġużè Damato. The first stone was blessed on 13th October 1946, and following hard efforts by various Kalkariżi, the Church was blessed on 7th September 1952. Consecrated on 12th December 1954 by Archbishop Mons. Michael Gonzi, its dome was blessed on 30th June 1962.

It possesses many works of art including the titular statue of Saint Joseph (Ferdinando Stuflesser, 1949), the titular painting of Saint Joseph (Giuseppe Calì, 1898), the high altar in marble (Armando Battelli, 1953) and paintings by Filippo Venuti and Lazzaro Pisani among others.

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